Pen with pendrive pens with built-in pendrives

What if advertising gadget such as USB did not have only a single role, but could be used for everyday activities? USB pens carry out this kind of multitasking. They combine pen with USB memory, giving us versatility and reducing the number of carried items. Instead of carrying a simple pen and a pendrive, we can have a single item instead of two. What a great saving of space in overloaded suitcase or a bag we are travelling with every day. Pen has an important role in our life, such as laser pointer. Most often, it is used for making notes, studying. Since the school days, it accompanies us each day. Sometimes, it has an impact on important life decisions we make, like in case of signing in contract or auction. Pen has a metaphysic meaning, being a symbol of change from human who was hunting for food into human who works with his mind and uses pen for writing ideas on the paper. Among most noteworthy models in this category, we can mention DS-1007 and DS-1010. First of aforementioned advertising USB pens is a model equipped with a full-size pendrive located in its rear part on which you can independently add your own logo. Rubber element in front part of pen is included, preventing it from slipping off during fast noting. The second model is really slim – pendrive hidden inside does not take too much space. Construction of this gadget is an overall minimalistic concept.