Pendrive lanyards lanyards - usb memory accessories

There are times when our advertising gadget such as pendrive is not considered a completed product if it cannot be attached to keys or advertising lanyard hanging on our neck with other everyday use items we deem important. Lanyards and other hangers in this category are exactly the type of USB accessories we require on a daily basis to expand our devices’ functionality. Such accessories are not only great for hanging various items, but also an important addition to give our pendrive a unique look. Lanyard model DS-S01 comes in a complete palette of colors, allowing us to select a variation ideally matching USB stick of our choice. How nice it would be to pick a pendrive, e.g. twister in a specific color and add a beautiful lanyard well-fitting our device? And how would this lanyard complement overall effect we intend to reach by presenting USB with our logo to the client? Other lanyards come in variations of chains and links made of beautiful metal. They add to overall style and – in case of pendrives mini – outline overall delicacy and appealing small size of the device. Lanyard is simply compulsory for advertising pendrives mini to make sure our device is not accidentally lost when we are taking our hand out of the pocket.