Custom pendrive - any shape presentation of offer for custom-shaped usb memories

Personal shape pendrives can be created on client’s special request. Client takes an active role in the process of making 3D model used for creation of final USB storage device. We are not limited to standard casing, pendrive can be shaped as product the client sales or as service they offer. In past, we have been making barrels, trucks, packages and even individual shape of customer service desk. Imagination and technology are our only limitations. Aside from choosing a shape, client is not bound by limited number of final product’s colors. For flat surfaces, they can be offered marking service as in case of standard USB storage devices. We also offer possibility of adding epoxide stickers. Due to custom product creation process , creation of single device requires higher number of steps. One of distinctive steps is making of matrix, which is then used for mass-producing many copies of client’s order. Aforementioned examples were made of rubber. However, we do also create personal metal models. In case of those, clients are mostly interested in shapes such as brooches, small knives or figures. We can also add material aging effect to create vintage look.