Plast-alu usb products made of plastic or plastic and aluminum

Plastic USB devices is one of most popular and most numerous product categories when it comes to advertising pendrives. Pendrives in this category are made not only of plastic, but also contain aluminum elements that make it easier to add a logo using laser engraving. DS-0001, codenamed twister, king of advertising pendrives, is a most popular model. It is available in wide range of colors. Among other notable models in this category, you can find DS-0006 – its plastic element can be kept inside a pocket made of metal part. For this category, we can also offer USB equipped with lightning socket, such as DS-0126. Moreover, there are models like DS-0105 which contains micro-USB socket (known as OTG) and is a copy of twister, but with OTG, DS-0111 with retractable plug, or DS-0112 with pretty aluminum casing and two transparent cap savers. It has many functions and can be equipped with logo. Truck pendrive comes in two variations – DS-0102 and DS-0124 – with main difference being a metal part in semitrailer. This model is great gadget for transporting companies. Diversity of ideas in this category surprises everyone. We have car-shaped model DS-0075, or tiger-shaped DS-0076. USB DS-0085 has bottle opener shape and is made of plastic and metal parts, ideal for adding individual imprint.