Wooden USB Memory - Eco wide selection of wooden usb

Wooden USB storage devices belong to a special category of advertising gadgets. Environment-friendly and made of biodegradable natural materials, these are especially popular among clients who care about our planet. Bamboo is the main material used for making wooden pendrives, as its growth process progresses really fast. For darker shades, however, different types of wood are selected to acquire desired color. One of the most attracting models in this category is DS-0402. This specific model is bound together by a strap. Its plug is made of wooden piece with a strap stringed through. Very interesting design of DS-0402 allows the client to carry it hanging on the neck. Other recommended models are also cross-shaped DS-0408 and crayon USB – DS-0409, which can be colored to match the client’s logo. Made of cork, instead of bamboo, DS-0416 is an eye-catching construction resembling wine bottle cork. In this category, we also offer wooden USB card – DS-0413. Wooden USB key – DS-0420. Extraordinary gadget for publishing companies, resembling a book – DS-422. Moreover, our offer includes DS-424, made of recycled paper.