Mini Pendrive mini pendrives

Mini USB memory is a category including the smallest products. Such result was reached by utilizing flash memory system fused to resin. Owing to that, the sole electronical system is water-resistant. Therefore, we can assume that the memory becomes waterproof (you need to dry the casing before use though). Most models in this category is made of aluminum or plastic and aluminum. Aside from the size, the most common reason for choosing pendrives from this category is possibility to keep them hanging with keys. That way, we get something akin to key ring. In cases where the client informs us about such intention, we propose engraving method that is most resistant against all kinds of scratches. This is due to engraving interfering with the material’s structure, which is not the case for surface addition such as imprint Mini memories can be extremely small, like DS-0835. Our flag models in this category are models DS-0801 and DS-0811. DS-0822 is a little brother of crystal (made of acrylate) models available in metal category. It is possible to put a 3D engraving on it, while maintaining its small size. Moreover, it also has a hole which can be used for hanging it on a lanyard, therefore, we do not have worry about losing our pendrive.