Metal metal usb, solid casing

World full of shiny surfaces, solid and heavy gadgets is a place metal pendrives belong to. USB devices that can be found in this section are a great demonstration of metal surfaces décor. You can find USB made of brushed aluminum. There are also advertising pendrives with chromatic surface that looks like mirror. Or ones colored gold, similar to gold bar as in case of DS-0211, which is also available without pressed signatures as DS-0234 model. We can also divide them basing on utility. In our offer, we have key pendrive shaped like standard door key. It is a great ring for keys. Among key USB devices, you can also find DS-0215, DS-0222, DS-0227, DS-0235 (looking like prison cell key), DS-0240, DS-0246. Cristal USB devices, in other words – models with acrylic elements on which we can place spatial engraving in form of 3D logo. Application of company’s logo with this method is getting more popular nowadays. Such models include logotype’s backlight which uses special diode that lights up when the gadget is plugged into USB port. Pendrive DS-0229 is a cristal model. Another type of USB gadgets using acrylate are so-called jewelry models. Those include DS-0224, containing many small stones similar to zircon, and DS-0225 resembling beautiful pendant ideal for women. For military fans, we can offer dog tag-shaped model DS-0223 and bullet-shaped DS-0219 and DS-0220. Both said models have a winding pin for USB port. Similar concept can be found for battery-shaped USBs. DS-0218 is great at imitating a battery.