Leather pendrive Leatherette pendrives gallery

Products in this category are made of leatherette. It is an excellent imitation of real leather, having similar characteristics and texture to original. Leather pendrives are stylish. Leather workmanship gives them elegance and class. For these casing types it is possible to add pressings which fit leather surface beautifully. Another form of adding a logo we are offering is engraving. It exposes light structure of inner part of leather. Working with leather materials is not considered easy. Processing them is a continuous labor, requiring craftsmen to keep stretching and cutting the material appropriately. Leather gadgets are characterized by raw finishing touches. Human eye is accustomed to natural material’s texture. Aiglets for leather pendrives can be divided into two types. First one is a metal tip with a piece of leatherette stringed through. This choice guarantees stable protection of USB storage’s plug. Owing to attached leatherette string, we are sure to not lose our aiglet. Second type is a flip cover made of leatherette with built-in magnet. This solution may not be giving full protection for the plug, however, overall visual effect is more appealing in our opinion. With magnetic snap, material may have positively softer shape, resulting in improved esthetics and ergonomics. Such flap opens and closes conveniently, with no redundant resistance for USB storage user.