Casings - pendrive etui carton packaging and other for beautiful presentation of usb

Every product needs an appropriate binding to match the taste of even the pickiest recipient. Pendrive box or case makes a perfect culmination for laboriously found advertising pendrive model. Proper casing adds to chic and mysteriousness. To check what is inside, you need to open the box. There are, of course, cases with a window or pane, but those take away the charm of finding out what is inside. The most popular casing in our offer is DS-P01. It is a casual, white carton box without any window. Another noteworthy box is DS-P11, owing to its high representative value. This model contains a foam that can be shaped to match device you have chosen. Entire box can be closed with magnetic lock. Advertising gadget hidden inside can be seen through milky-white plastic cover on which we can imprint a unique company logo. In our offer, you can also find casings made of materials different than plastic or paper. Those include metal packaging. Metal boxes such as DS-P22 or DS-P21 used for keeping USB, containing a small window, are especially sought items due to their solidity and possibility of adding laser engravings. Their close cousin, DS-P23 is well-adjusted for USB pens. There are times when rigid casing is not something we look for or expect, sometimes we require a simple pouch that hides something inside, something like DS-P31 – a small satin / velour sack for storing advertising pendrive. It is most popular model for models from mini series, which – due to their small size – can be easily hidden inside the pouch.