Card-shaped pendrive products in this category are card usb allowing full color duplex imprint

Credit card-shaped USB are very popular advertising gadgets. It is mainly due to large area that can be used for imprinting, a great ground for presenting even the most sophisticated graphics you would like to show your client in a form of pocket-sized advertising surface. The most popular card-shaped pendrive model DS-1402. It is a standard model, the least expensive USB card that allows duplex imprint. There is a large variety of memories available for this model, starting with capacity of 512MB, through 2GB, 4GB to 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. And each can be fit into the same device size. Other notable model in this category is square-shaped card DS-1408, a great idea for medical industry gadget as it can imitate the packaging for a medical product. There is also a round DS-1404 model. Having no corners, it can be used as an advertising badge with built-in USB. For those who are looking for mental entertainment, we offer DS-1409 with built-in puzzles as even advertising gadget can be used for fun. Last, we would like to present aluminum models which are great for laser engraving. This group includes DS-14011, almost ideal mirror copy (except for thickness) of DS-1402, but made of aluminum. Such choice gives a prestigious look to card-shaped pendrive.