Pendrive - advertising USB large selection of usb memories by all possible types

USB storage devices are a major part of products we have to offer. Convenient storage of data is their strong point. Clients usually select 8 GB and 16 GB capacities. This allows moving presentations, folders or other important materials to a client whom we would like to present with a flash carrier containing said data. Such means enable possibility of passing relevant data to the client without the use of Internet. Basing on shapes, gadgets such as advertising pendrives are divided depending on materials used for their creation. Most basic material used is plastic. Pendrives made of plastic are most common and have the best price ratio. When looking for advertising pendrives, clients’ choice is often based on price. As a producer, we offer you the most popular model DS-0001 twister. Wide range of available colors and metal plate turned it into a symbol of this product category. From among other casings available for advertising pendrive gadget, another notable group are resistant metal pendrive, capable of surviving long-term usage. For those who prefer minimalistic shape, we propose models falling under mini category. Owing to application of extremely small NAND circuit, full size of the whole USB storage device has been considerably reduced. If imprint is the most important on advertising pendrive, the size of imprint is relevant and has to be as big as possible, please consider choosing USB card. DS-1402 model is especially recommended. As a Polish pendrive producer, we are able to create it offhand. If it requires a custom shape, we also have a solution. We suggest making the shape out of rubber. In such situation, it is an individual approach, meeting client’s needs. If you are unable to find a model suiting your demands on our website, please contact us directly. We will attempt to find a shape matching your needs. For each advertising pendrive available in our offer, we have prepared a price list available after registering via our designated partner space.