Backlight powerbanks with logo highlight

Everyone knows it gets dark when evening comes. This is also the time when people tend to slow down with their responsibilities. Along this downturn, batteries in our smartphones are also going low. Not a big problemif we are on our way home, thinking about reading a book or drinking a cup of good, aromatic tea. Unfortunately, evening does not look that way each time. We are often obliged to fulfill various other responsibilities, or have different things to do, like going to cinema, meeting with friends or having a business meeting with potential client. In such situations, we need to make sure our everyday companion – smartphone – has enough energy to keep up with us until our day ends. Upon connecting our smartphone to powerbank with backlighted logo, we will be amazed on how this usually hard to see device presents in the dark in full color range, complementing company’s logo. Of course, nothing obstructs you from using different imprint than your logo, such as beautiful mountain or forest view with a smaller, discreet imprint in a corner of said graphic. It is a really interesting offer for companies that like to stand out in the dark evening. DS-PB-040 is worth noting in this category, having additional suction caps, making it harder to fall off from the phone. That way, we carry a bit bigger, but only a single item. Another noteworthy model, DS-PB045 also includes a suction cap, but in its case trigger for taking photos with your phone is even more interesting.