flashlight hybrid powrbanks used as flashlights

Powerbanks became a really popular advertising gadget, especially when people can imprint logos on their covers. Unfortunately, our pockets keep stretching with each new gadget and we are simply running out of space to fit them all. In this category, we offer you a powerbank with built-in flashlight. Such a wonderful combination! For those powerbanks, the light emitted by the device is not a barely visible glow, but a specially adjusted light stream capable of dispersing the darkness that tries to embrace us. Contrary to gadgets using most basic diodes, most models in this category is equipped with powerful LED diodes. Such gadget with logo produces a large density of light, making it a real alternative for standard flashlights. In our opinion, flashlight is a prioritized function in this case, even more important than powerbank function. What is even more interesting, DS-PB020 also includes built-in bluetooth speaker and buttons to select desired music aside from really powerful flashlight. It is a special model for us – we think that its overall design and quality mark it out among all other available models. Anodized aluminium combined with many powerful diodes as well as well-fitted bluetooth speaker used in this model sum up for overal superb effect. It is the best compromise between the size and utility.