Custom customizable pvc powerbanks

One of the main differences between advertising powerbank and a gadget such as pendrive is the size. It is harder to hide powerbank in your pocket because it is bigger due to its battery. However, would it not be possible to change this disadvantage into advantage? We can use the size to make a custom shape. With that, our mobile phone accumulator may look as an individual project. It does not matter if it is a plane, a can, a bone or any other desired shape like – company’s logo is bigger than on pendrive. Solid item that can act as figure which can be put on shelf. Would it not be nice take that figure off the shelf and use it for charging our smartphone when we need it the most? Custom-shaped powerbanks are made of rubber. This material forces some limitations like amount of available color, therefore we offer models with less colors and simple shapes. The more complex elements the higher risk of not making final product with quality acceptable by all participants of creation proces. Custom shape is a great chance of presenting company’s purpose, its base. It helps in even better communication of company’s mission.