plastic plastic powerbanks

Products in this category are made of plastic, a very handy material. It can be used for creating casings that can be both light and very durable, capable of holding large batteries. Advertising powerbanks made of plastic are a very popular version of advertising gadget used for charging mobile phones. UV markings are often used on these due to material’s porous structure which holds imprints really well. DS-PB032 is one of the most interesting models, including integrated OTG micro-USB cable used for charging smartphones. Integrated cable is simply more difficult to be lost. We also have less stuff to carry around that way. The cable is not dangling, being beautifully hidden inside the gadget’s Edge instead. This model is also often chosen thanks to its considerably small size, which still offers quite sizable area for stamping. Moreover, it includes diodes informing about remaining energy in the powerbank with imprint. Another noteworthy model of mobile battery for smartphones is DS-PB014, a powerbank equipped with atomizer. We can fill it with our favorite perfume or oil used for aromatherapy. It is an interesting idea for people especially sensitive for olfactory sensations. It may prove a great advertising gadget for perfume industry. Many brands have their own fragrance ID known as aromamarketing. AromaMarketing is an interesting approach to marketing as three quarters of everyday purchasing decisions is based on fragrances around us.