metal metal advertising powerbanks

Solid and durable advertising metal powerbanks. Main characteristic of gadgets in this category is durability of their shells. Mostly made of aluminum, they have an attractive look and allow utilization of various engravings for client’s individual logo. One of the most popular methods of engraving is laser engraving, which tears off shell’s material surface, uncovering white-like anodic metal layer in case of anodized aluminum. That way, we are acquiring white-like signing, but only for anodized surfaces. Another popular method is full-color imprint using UV lamp which instantly cures the special ink – UV curing. This type of signing gives access to a wide spectrum of colors which can be applied on advertising powerbank’s flat surfaces. Due to containing large batteries, powerbanks are usually really flat, providing a considerable area for UV curing. One more method used for engraving is screen print, which provides the possibility of creating logos in 3 colors. Screen printing has an advantage when it comes to adjusting imprint’s color for company’s logo. Moreover, its durability is a bit higher than in case of UV curing. Noteworthy models in this category are devices made of brushed aluminum – DPS-PB017 and DS.-PB026. Those are nearly identical. The main difference is the shape of tip with USB sockets, which is narrowed for the first. Both include snap hook, ideal for attaching keys. Owing to such solution, it is more difficult to lose our advertising gadget.