Fans advertising fans will cool you off in hot days

Advertising gadgets in form of USB fan attachable to phone or any other product with USB socket, are the great idea for hot seasons. Each year includes four seasons, but two we feel the most are winter and summer. In the winter, such fan may not be useful, but being able to cool ourselves with our smartphone during summer is surely a nice vision. A small fan is made of elastic materials – we can bend its body in order to adjust the degree that suits us most for perfect cooling. Same as in case of any fan, this one also has a small engine that makes its blades spin. Blades are detachable from the body. What is interesting, DS-E011 includes port for iphone’s lightning connection as well as adapter which allows connecting android’s micro-USB OTG. Usually, logo is imprinted on fan’s blades. It is a very good spot due to having a flat and stable surface. Other surfaces of the product are esthetic and nice in touch. Moreover, product’s price we offer as its producer is also very inviting. Various trends can be observed when it comes to advaertising gadgets over the year, but we feel that cooling fans are great and spot-on idea for the hottest season.