Advertising speakers advertising bluetooth speakers for imprinting

Bluetooth speakers are an extraordinary advertising gadgets. As an advertising industry manufacturer, we would like to present you with a wide selection of electronic products for music playback. Sounds are an inseparable part of our lives since the dawn of past. Even in the stone age, people used to celebrate by the sound of drums. When smiling, we listen to happy and lively music, while nice and calm melody is best for when we feel sad. Sometimes we want to listen to our favorite childhood song under the shower, and we all know water accompanies us in such situation. Knowing that, your bluetooth speaker with imprinted logo has to be waterproof. DS-E019 is one of advertising gadgets meeting this requirement. Another interesting model is DS-E020 with its most important characteristics being aluminum shell and good price. DS-E021 and DS-E022 are also noteworthy – two very similar mini speakers, the difference being additional AUX IN port one of them is equipped with. Both look very prestigeous and are worthy of presenting to even most demanding client. All speakers with custom logo include built-in battery, allowing them to play the music without any outside power source.