For smartphones advertising accessories for smartphones

Smartphones already became regular dwellers in our pockets and bags. We would like to present you with advertising gadgets for smartphones. This category offers products specifically dedicated to our mobile device we cannot live without. We keep them with us at all times – those no longer serve only as means of verbal communication. Nowadays, smartphones can be used as a navigation in a city jungle, helping us with finding business or casual trip's goal. Among other functions of the mobile phone, we can also mention checking your email, calendar entries or contacting your family and friends nonverbally in form of SMS, MMS or through internet communicators offering chat function. Noteworthy gadgets in this category are DS-E028 and DS-E031 on which you can imprint your company's logo. Both said models are prepared specifically for smartphones. DS-E031 is a miniature advertising selfie stick. Contrary to standard selfie stick, it uses a lot less space. It is compound and includes headphones port, simplifying taking photos when fully spread. The second model, DS-E028, is a travelling kit, containing simcard slot and needle key for taking out the simcard from smartphone. Alltogether, it acts as phone's holder useful for watching videos. Products are adapted to both Android and iPhone.