Chargers with imprint car charger for mobile phones

When driving a car, we do not need a powerbank. We do not even want to use it, as we prefer to keep energy stored inside the powerbank until the moment when we have no access to electric power and really need it. In this case, unusual shape of car lighter's socket and 12V voltage are main problems. Accessing this energy source requires a special adapter for transforming electricity from car lighter's socket to powering up USB port. Most of chargers with advertising imprint presented in this category offers a large surface for client's logo. DS-E009 is a charger capable of collecting electricity from standard power socket each of us has at home. It is an ideal offer for companies which like to surprise their clients with complete gadgets, adding a charger capable of charging advertising powerbank or mobile phone directly from power outlet, omitting a computer. For clients appreciating more prestigeous look and finishing touches in advertising gadgets, we can offer DS-E007. Beautifully made, it is a high-end model with perfect presentation. Premium gadgets in other words. It does not include a large surface for imprint, but allows a subtle engraving on device's side. This one will be surely appealing to recipient's eye, standing out among othe advertising chargers for smartphones.